Toyota Mirais Update: Vehicle Called Back Due To Software Bug

Feb 23, 2017 07:21 AM EST | Lasitha


Toyota has called back all the Toyota Mirai cars due to a software bug. Cars from all around the world were recalled by the automaker.

It is a very tedious task to recall all the sold car of a model. However, Toyota managed to do so without such problem.

Toyota Mirai sold all around the world has been called back by the company. To be precise, 2,840 vehicles were called back. This is because it was a niche vehicle and not a lot of the model was sold.

The issues were noticed in the car's powertrain. In certain situation, it malfunctions. To cite an example, after driving on a long descent under cruise control if the accelerator is jammed, it will boost the fuel cell's convertor to give out much higher voltage than the maximum allowed. In this situation, the fuel cell system will stop running and the warning light comes on, reported CNET.

Toyota had not made or sold many pieces of the model. This is one of the reasons why Toyota made a quick recall. There was a risk associated also as the car might face a collision if this happens in traffic.

The good news is that the problem will be fixed with a simple software reflash. This can be done very easily at any Toyota dealership. And the whole process will not take more than half an hour. The issues are expected to be fixed after this minor reflash, reported Fortune.

It can be said that Toyota recalled the vehicles without creating much uproar. However, it should be noted that the automaker never used the term "recall." In the United States, the company had not officially recalled the vehicles. The whole process was termed as "customer satisfaction campaign." However, the processes of the campaign closely resemble a usual product recall.

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