BMW Partners Up With Mobileye To Crowdsource Real-Time Traffic Data For Autonomous Vehicles

Feb 23, 2017 05:50 AM EST | JP Olvido

BMW and Mobileye have entered into an agreement Tuesday that aims to crowdsource real-time traffic data. The German car manufacturer will be installing software from the Israel-based tech firm to be able to do this starting with 2018 models.

BMW and Mobileye enter an agreement to crowdsource real-time traffic data. The agreement between the two companies will use technology that will be able to provide information on traffic density, road conditions or hazards, weather conditions, parking, and other traffic data as it happens. In addition, it is a stepping stone into enabling safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles on public streets. 2018 BMW models will be equipped with Global Roadblock which is a new road experience management data-generation technology from the tech firm.

A statement on the closed deal says, "This agreement to crowdsource real-time data using vehicles equipped with camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology is a critical enabler for autonomous driving through next-generation high-definition (HD) maps aimed at making driving safer and more efficient for consumers." The ADAS technology from the Isreal-based tech firm is already being used by in 313 vehicles from 25 car manufacturers.

Mobileye chairman and chief technical officer Prof. Amnon Shashua has stated that the camera-dependent ADAS technology is currently making roads safer for drivers and passengers.

The technology will allow the transfer of collected data to a third-party German digital mapping firm HERE. HERE will then use the data to update a real-time cloud service it runs for automated vehicles. This will help support the quick creation and updating of the needed high-definition mapping.

BMW plans to produce fully autonomous vehicles by 2021 and its partnership with the Israel-based company will help achieve this goal. The car manufacturer plans to put a fleet of 40 self-driving vehicles for testing in the second half of 2017. Apart from BMW, Volkswagen has also entered into a partnership with the same tech firm on a road-navigation software system.

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