Audi A8 Features A Built-In Rice Cooker - Offends Thousands of Fans

Feb 22, 2017 01:51 PM EST | Ileen Jasmine


The Japanese people are known for their sense of humor. Audi Japan released a fake "press release" regarding an Audi A8 with a built-in rice cooker as a joke.

This prank played by Audi Japan was played on the Japanese public. They showcased an Audi A8 with its very own built-in rice cooker with touch-screen control panel in the backseat.

The touch-screen menu panel features multiple cooking options. Owners can even customize their rice according to their taste preference.

The rice cooker even has its own classy wooden tray table which pops out from the rear seats. This technology allows passengers to have some space to eat while traveling.

The A8 even comes with its own set of bowls and serving spoons. There would be no need to take your utensils from home, this Audi A8 provides it all.

However, this fake press release did not fly so well with other fans from around the world. Some even dared to deem it a little bit racist.

Fans of the German automaker were quick to defend the prank, asking people to lighten up. This was actually a very clever joke from Audi Japan as every little detail has been thought of.

For starters, if the A8 Rice Cooker were real, it's specs say it would be powered by a 5.5-liter Gohan engine. In Japanese, five translates to Go and 0.5 translates to Han while Gohan translates to Rice.

The prank was so good that the Japan Times even quoted a spokesman saying that somebody actually asked about getting an informational catalog on the car. It was so well-made that people would actually line up to buy their own.

Who knows? Maybe Audi will come up with a true rice-cooking vehicle in the near future. With today's technology, it is not entirely impossible for automakers to create food-friendly vehicles for their customers. After all, enjoying a good meal while traveling is one of the joys of life.

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