Mercedes 2017 E- Class Takes On High End Technology For Self-Driving Mechanism

Feb 21, 2017 09:29 AM EST | Gi Gi

The Mercedes 2017 E-Class boasts of high-end technology that promises a smooth drive with an added air of safety. In the thirty years that Mercedes-Benz has been developing a range of "smart cars," the E-class comes closer to the future of robotic automobiles.

The tenth generation of the E-class is another milestone that the innovation of the technology that provides assistance and comfort for drivers. Accordingly, assistance is much different than "autonomous driving" but this class boasts of a desirable upgrade to its overall driving experience. 

On a test drive that proves the ability of the E-class to take in instructions and execute them while running on a speed limit on the road, the driver lets go of the steering wheel and gave commands to the car to pass a nearby vehicle. A satisfactory outcome is observed and as the driver had put it, putting life at the mercy of automated technology was not so bad.

Comparatively, unlike Tesla that can go on without any other human assistance until the system can manage to proceed driving, the E-class serves as a co-pilot that needs human input from time to time, Car and Driver reported. On this note, the gears are up to the quality, simplicity, and convenience that smart gadgets offer. 

Furthermore, notable additions are geared towards safety like the Distronic Plus and Steering Assist that can stop the car in motion when necessary and prevent it from straying from its lane respectively. Plus, the Active Lane-Change Assist prevents the car from colliding with other vehicles by making sure the coast is clear before it steers to another lane.

Much to the disappointment of those expecting a fully autonomous car, the E-class does not allow a driver to be fully occupied in other things while on the road but developments like these ultimately lead to cars that will no longer need human assistance. Though this vision is not expected to be realized in the immediate future, the possibility of the completion of a fully-functioning car is definitely in the works.


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