Latest iPad Pro Ads Reveal Apple's Fear Of Microsoft Surface Pro

Feb 20, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Ed Saludes


Apple released a series of iPad Pro commercials last Friday. The ads feature real Tweets to showcase the capabilities of its high-end tablet. While the series of short ads highlights the various aspects of the iPad Pro glory, it also bashes personal computers or Microsoft. For a company that often smirks at what PC offers, Apple has shown that the resurgence of Microsoft in the mobile device space is a huge threat to its market position.

The advertising campaign scoffed at PCs again by insisting that the iPad Pro is not a computer. This seems ironic since Cupertino ran an ad in August 2016 suggesting that iPad Pro does everything just like a computer. Now, Apple wants consumers to swallow the idea that its tablet tops them all, including laptops.

The 15-seconders are obvious in their attempt to take aim at PCs. They all start with a troubled computer user and then tout a feature of the iPad Pro to address the issue raised by the PC owner. Some of the issues include computer viruses and using Microsoft Word on an iPad Pro.

The latest iPad Pro advertisements are timely and a must for Apple. The Microsoft Surface Pro appears to be winning over consumers who were previously loyal to the iPad Pro. The Surface Pro 5 is arriving soon offering better specs and lower price.

The ads are a testament to Apple's familiar narrative, which is to lambast the virus-prone PCs. Now, Apple is facing some stiff competition from the Microsoft Surface Pro which is in a league of its own, design- and functionality-wise.

Apple is on the hot seat right now as consumers' interest shifts towards less in pure tablets and more in hybrid tablet or ultraportable laptops. With Microsoft already way ahead on the hybrid front, Apple does not want its iPad Pro to be left in the competition.

You can view one of the four ads below. Share your thoughts on Apple's new advertising campaign in the comment section.

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