Lexus LIT Creates a Dazzling Visual Spectacle of Blinding Lights

Feb 20, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Yen Palec

Lexus may have built the official rave party car. Dubbed as the Lexus LIT, the car features 41,999 RGB LED lights which in turn create 3,000 watts of colorful visual experience akin to those in a rave party.

The car company has tapped several designers in designing the Lexus LIT. Among those that worked with Lexus are notable fashion designers Nicole Miller and Jeremy Scott, according to The Verge. The two fashion designers provided Lexus with various images and motifs to be integrated into the LIT.

The car was displayed for two days at the Grand Central Station during the New York Fashion Week event. During the fashion show, the Lexus LIT worked in sync with the screen behind it that displays fashion creation of Miller and Scott.

Lexus used an IS 350 in creating this visual rave mobile. Each one of the 41,999 LED lights was embedded into the car's body using 2,460 strips. The LEDs can be programmed into three different modes: Attract, Audio Reactive, and Gesture, according to YourEDM. Once selected, each of these modes will play a different visual that reacts in real-time to sound and movement in its immediate environment.

The Attract mode plays videos in a continuous loop. This essentially turns the car into a mobile projector which can render any image or .move file. The Audio Reactive mode, as the name suggests, will turn the LED lights in sync with music or sound. The car analyzes the audio track that is being played and syncs the rhythm visually. Finally, the Gesture mode creates an immersive experience which respond to any movement by rendering images or patterns.

Although the Lexus LIT is an impressive visual display, there are doubts as to whether the car will be road legal. Nevertheless, Lexus' creation is sure to inspire other carmakers to create their own concept of blending fashion, cars, and blinding lights.

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