Spyware in Smartphones A Trending Crime? Spying Tools Found Easily Purchased

Feb 20, 2017 11:37 AM EST | Leian N.

Recent reports pointed out that Spyware in smartphones can easily be installed into their partners' phones. In fact, it was raised that the government is not the one who has advanced spying tools for iPhone and Android devices. Will the illegal act become trending when users realize it's an easy task?

First of all, it was established that governments rely on government-grade surveillance tools on private citizens to ensure national security. However, it was revealed that even spouses, and other smartphone users, can spy on other users with just a simple click. In fact, a user revealed that control is the absolute heart of domestic abuse and that controlling types of people have been installing spyware in smartphones to leak information about private individuals, reported BGR.

Although this would be interesting for users who wish to spy on someone else, the act of installing spyware in smartphones is illegal and the sellers of such can be sued. In fact, the act would constitute a breach of security. It was referred to as 'jailbreaking an iOS device' which involves the installation of apps from another source into someone else's smartphone.

As reported by Forbes, the source of the spyware in smartphones is a salesman who would peddle on jealous spouses and paranoid parents. Their services were said to be offered at a small fee, but those who were good enough would sell their talents to the police and intelligence agencies for higher prices. In fact, it was revealed that they used malware to snoop on terrorists and pedophiles the same way as the controlling users used them for their spouses or children.

The presence of sellers of spyware in smartphone caused a stir for lawmakers, lawyers, and women's rights activists. Will the U.S. government take action on the sale of spyware in America?

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