Google Sued For Delaying Samsung Tizen Development

Feb 21, 2017 05:50 AM EST | Leian N.

As the Samsung Tizen was underdeveloped, reports indicated that the most popular operating system in the world prevented the unwanted competition from developing faster. As a result, the Korean company got Google sued and is currently under investigation by South Korea's Fair Trade Commission.

Initially, Samsung and Google signed an agreement when both decided to engage in smartphone software development. The agreement was initiated las 2011 which forced Samsung to be the first party for apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail on all standard Android devices. However, South Korea's FTC suggested that the latter may have infringed the contract. In fact, an official of the FTC revealed that they are currently checking whether or not Google did prevent the Samsung Tizen TV from developing faster, reported Techno Buffalo.

Before it ends as Google sued, the company remained adamant regarding the issue and claimed that other companies also use Android's source code in creating their operating system. However, they did not address whether or not they had anything to do with deferring the Samsung Tizen's development.

In other news, Digital Trends reported that the law infringed, if allegations would be proven true, is South Korea's Antitrust Law. In fact, the Google's Korean firm was initially cleared of the allegations way back 2013. However, a reinvestigation was launched into AFA last year wherein issues were found. The said issues purported to the company interfering with the device in- question's development.

Although the company found discrepancies, the spokesperson of FTC raised that they are still looking for possibilities to get Google sued. On the other hand, Google raised that Android is an open-source platform and that their partner agreements were all voluntary. Will that free the company from being sued despite the possibility of the issues being found true?

At present, the FTC investigation is still ongoing. Although the case has been cleared last 2013, would the reinvestigation shed light on matters that will get Google sued? Will the allegations prove to be true and actionable?

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