Red Redemption 2 PC Version Confirmed Coming Soon? Possibly Revealed By DRM Leak

Feb 19, 2017 11:10 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

Many fans were disappointed when Rockstar announced that the upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2, will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One. However, there has been speculations about a new leak that suggests that the game will be coming to PC soon.

Red Dead Redemption is a Western world action-adventure game that was launched back in 2010, and many fans have been longing for its news installment since then. The original game was titled "Red Dead Revolver," in 2004.

A week ago, Denuvo, a famous anti-tamper technology company, was hacked and a lot of new information were released online. One of the information was a list of large developers that have plans or are planning to use Denuvo as DRM protection. The hack seems to have shown superb details for PC players.

It's been also reported that Rockstar was included in the list of developers who is currently using the Denuvo DRM. But that doesn't confirm yet that there will be a PC release for the upcoming game since Rockstar currently doesn't use Denuvo for any other of their games.

Grand Theft Auto V currently uses the Steam DRM service, and the database seems to be too new for GTA 4. And basing on this information, other developers on the list have been using Denuvo with the past few years or will be releasing games soon.

Furthermore, there could be many answers for why Rockstar games were on the Denuvo protection list. It is possible that Rockstar is planning to release a PC version of their highly anticipated game. The first game was not released for the PC platform, but the success of GTA Online may indicate that Rockstar could launch a PC version of their highly anticipated game.

The upcoming game will still feature the Gear Plains and the home to Blackwater where the first game was set. Rockstar said that the map was still unfinished and still currently in the works and might lead fans predicting of a New Bordeaux, the map of Mafia 3.

Until Rockstar says anything about their upcoming game, which it hasn't done for many months now, the leak still doesn't prove anything. Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to launch in fall 2017.


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