7 NBA Trade Rumors Available Now: Jahlil Okafor, Carmelo Anthony, Brook Lopez And Others Are Up For Grabs

Feb 17, 2017 10:33 AM EST | Lasitha

The NBA trades are nearing a closure as the deadline is looming. The deadline is on February 23 and there are some very big trades that are being discussed. Here are few names who might land up in other teams within this week:

Jahlil Okafor and his team gave all a lot of off-field entertainment too. He was a part of trade talks and even did not play a game with the team. Then he rejoined the team as a deal did not materialize. However, it is definite that he is available for a trade. So, if any team considers taking him in, he will be out of Philadelphia in a week, reported NBA.

Carmelo Anthony might mostly be in the Knicks team for the rest of the season. It is often discussed that he will be a potential trade. However, unless the Knicks get someone substantial in return, they will not consider giving up on Carmelo Anthony. His name will come up for trades maybe when Cavaliers decide to part with Kevin Love or when Blake Griffin is available to be picked up.

Brook Lopez is available for trade but the Nets want a price which is equivalent to two future first-round draft picks to trade him. Since Brooklyn does not mind having the player with them till they finish the season, they are nowhere close to bringing the price down. Also, his contract guarantees that Lopez will be getting more than $22 million for next season, after which he can become an unrestricted free agent.

Jimmy Butler is often the talk of NBA trade rumor-town. He has exhibited quite some talent for the Chicago Bulls this season. Though his name is often dragged in, it is doubtful whether a player like him will ever be traded in the near future, reported Fox Sports.

The Cavaliers would never have even thought of parting with Kevin Love mid-season. The team has also won a championship with him on the roster. But his injury might change the decision of the game. So, we need to wait for a week to know if they are considering Kevin Love expendable.

Lou Williams is noted by all teams. He leads the Lakers in scoring with 18.5 points-per-game average. Also, his contract will cost around $7 million for the next season. Will the Lakers give him away in case they get someone substantial in return?

The Celtics have a lot of members in their team to be traded. However, they do not seem to be too keen to give up on their players. Celtics might be just losing an opportunity to boost their team by holding on to everyone in the team.

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