Nintendo Switch Leaked Operating System, Menu Details, Hands On Review

Feb 17, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

Just nearly a few weeks away from the Nintendo Switch release, a new YouTube video was uploaded to show more of the console's user interface. The video provides a walkthrough the console's menu and more.

The informative YouTube video also showcases the Nintendo Switch's process for creating a new system user, and more. It was uploaded by hiphoptherobot and posted in NeoGAF.

The video provides a very detailed walkthrough for the console. From the Switch's start-up right out of the box through the process of creating an account and going through the system's settings.

The video also revealed the system's internal storage space listed as 25.9 GB. As fans might remember, Nintendo advertised a 32GB internal memory storage for the console.

The Nintendo Switch can also support up to 2TB Micro-SDXC cards. Fans can learn how to create a new user, select an icon, and more. According to the video, the system features a set of Nintendo-related images which can be used as an icon.

The Nintendo Switch leak also revealed that the tablet screen is customizable. There are themes available to choose from. However, only the "Basic White" and "Basic Black" theme is available at the moment.

The leak also shows several aspects of the system, how to get to the Nintendo eShop, and how to find the Album page where the screenshots will be stored. Thanks to the video, fans are now aware of the Controllers tab for connecting new Joy-Cons.

It also showed how to check battery life and storage. The Nintendo Switch also offers a sleep mode, screen lock and Mii and Amiibo options. It also features a setting for when it's connected to a Television set.

How the YouTube uploader got a hold of the Nintendo Switch console ahead of everybody else is a big question. According to the uploader, a retailer sent the pre-ordered Switch early. He also refused to say what outlet and where the system was shipped for privacy reasons.

The Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3. It will launch along with its flagship title, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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