Ford Mustang GT350 Holes In Engine Explained, Brands Invests For Wind Tunnel Facility

Feb 16, 2017 10:50 AM EST | Leian N.

The Ford Mustang GT350 labeled as that muscle car that can beat race cars on the tracks. In fact, its powertrain is stronger than any muscle car in the industry. In fact, to maintain their good reputation as a powerhouse in performance cars, the American automaker has invested millions in developing Wind Tunnel Facility. However, there were irregularities found on the American muscle - drain holes by the exhaust tips. Are these indicative of how Ford tampered with their design to improve the vehicle's performance or is it something else altogether?

At present, the Ford Mustang GT350 runs at a remarkable 8,250 RM rev limit, powered by a flat-plane crank V8 engine. In fact, it can produce a maximum 529hp and run as fast as the leading track racing vehicles of today. However, Jalopnik reported that the breathing monster has apparent holes by its exhaust tips. Do these features help the model to reach its maximum powertrain?

Unfortunately, the holes by the exhaust tips are not built into the vehicle. According to Chief Performance engineer, Jamal Hameedi, these holes were caused by little pebbles thrown by the tires due to its sticky features. These tiny stones were said to get spit by the tires towards the back of the fascia, that the exhaust tips cannot handle the pressure of the pebbles when they impact its surface.

However, the holes caused by the little pebbles do not affect the car's performance. In fact, the exhaust tips are not a significant part of the exhaust system itself. However, when the pebbles get drilled into the exhaust tip, it does cause an annoying sound that drivers may or may not hear due to the overpowering roar of the engine.

Speaking of improvement on automobile performance, Ford recently invested $200 million on the New Wind Tunnel to improve the performance and MPG of its vehicles, reported Hot Rod. Therefore, the Ford Mustang GT350 will improve its performance capacity. According to Raj Nair, the Ford executive vice president, the investment was incorporated by the brand to ensure their customers that Ford only delivers high-quality vehicles, much like the 'Stang.

In conclusion, the holes present in some Ford Mustang GT350 vehicles are not a significant part of the vehicle itself. It also does not improve the model's powertrain. However, fans can expect the model to progress into a more powerful muscle car after Ford makes 'Stang undergo the Wind Tunnel Facility developments.

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