2016 MacBook Pro Power Savings Issues Resolved or Maybe Not

Feb 16, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Hannah Jill

The 2016 MacBook Pro recently released last year shows promising power savings. The Apple company made sure its users will be satisfied with its power longevity.

According to PCWorld Mag, the 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro (MBP) has been tested by Mac battery guru MacDaddy to be 44% more energy efficient than its 2015 15-inch counterpart. How did that happen?

To find out how fast or slow the battery drain is on the relatively new 2016 MacBook Pro, MacDaddy put the 2016 and the 2015 MBP models side by side and monitored how fast their battery drains. By monitoring the mA or "power draw", they noticed that the 2016 MBP was idling only at 430 mA while at the same time, the 2015 MBP was idling at 619 mA - definitely an energy reduction of only 44 percent for the newer version of the MBP. Once the screen brightness placed to the max, the new 2016 MBP was only losing 767 mA while its 2015 counterpart was losing at 1010 mA.

The 2016 MacBook Pro has a 30 percent smaller battery wattage (76 watt-hours) compared to the 2015 MBP model (99.5 watt-hours). That is the reason why the more efficient battery drain for the 2016 MBP is great news for MBP users.

On the other hand, Tech Times reported that there is a big possibility that users are 2016 MacBook Pro users are quite disappointed with its short battery life. Previously, Consumer Reports even asked the company to have a second review since it did not pass the first one due to inconsistent battery life.

After its software update with MaC Sierra 10.12.3. Consumer Reports gave them recommendations since apparently it already resolved the issue. However, there are still reports about its short battery life span.

In order to address this problem, Tech Times offered some basic tips like using Safari instead of Chrome, closing unnecessary background apps that are not needed, and by watching your favorite videos using the full-screen mode. This will give you an hour more to sustain 2016 MacBro Pro's battery.

This helpful tips will hopefully keep users' batteries up for a longer time frame. If not, MacBook Pro should finally find a better solution to this problem.


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