This Straight-Pipe Ferrari 458 Speciale Is Music To The Ears

Feb 15, 2017 07:10 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is special in a lot of ways. The name itself indicates just how precious this vehicle is.

Its race-inspired design only adds fuel to the fire. According to Ferrari, most of the bodywork panels for the 458 Speciale has been redesigned without modifying the signature design features of the 458 Italia.

It's lighter, and the composite bumpers have been redesigned and the front bonnet now features two deep air outlets. This will help channel away from the air exiting the radiator.

Indeed, the Ferrari 458 Speciale was the last of an era. It is the naturally-aspirated V8 screamer when the world has increasingly gone turbo.

At Ferrari's website, a complete, detailed information about the 458 Speciale is listed. It even features a "Start the engine" button where fans can hear the sound. Here's an excerpt from Ferrari's website:

A car this special demands an exceptional engine. Two figures sum up just how extraordinary the 458 Speciale's mid-rear 4.497 cc V8 really is: its ability to punch out 605 cv at 9000 rpm makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever built at Maranello while its specific power output of 135 cv/l is a world record for a road-going naturally aspirated engine. Honing of the entire car also resulted in an exceptional weight-power ratio of 2.13 kg/cv and the kind of performance that makes it worthy of the Speciale moniker: 0 to100 km/h acceleration in 3" (9"1 0 to 200 km/h) and a record 1'23"5 lap time at Fiorano.

So what will happen if a 597 horsepower V8 engine is paired with an aftermarket exhaust system? Magic happens. Magical music to every car enthusiast's ears.

The exhaust system eliminates every form of noise suppression. The Ferrari 458 Speciale in the video below features an exhaust system from Fi which completely uncorks the engine. Thanks to this video, fans can now know what heaven sounds like.

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