'Grand Theft Auto 6': Will it Live Up to GTA 5’s Success?

Feb 14, 2017 08:58 PM EST | Ed Saludes


If there is one word that describes the sales success of "Grand Theft Auto V," that would be 'phenomenal.' Launched on September 17, 2013, the highly-popular open world action-adventure video game broke industry records by earning $800M in its first day and one billion U.S. dollars in its first three days. How could its successor, GTA 6, beat those astonishing sales figures?

Three years after its release, the Rockstar Games title sold more than 75 million copies. Twenty-percent of those copies were sold during the past year while five million units went to customers since November 2016. Even today, GTA 5 remains at the top of weekly sales charts.

Rockstar is probably an envy of other game developers who want to replicate or outdo its GTA 5 success. The title's sales never slowed down since its debut and continued to receiving wider patronage from hardcore gamers.

Industry observers are asking if the accomplishments of GTA 5 will benefit GTA 6 or may evolve into a curse for Rockstar to bear. The developer is facing a tough challenge to do better with GTA 6.  That is one steep mountain to traverse and climb on!

GTA 5 belongs to a pedestal occupied exclusively by the greatest video games of all time. This esteemed league includes the classics "Galaga," "Pacman," "Mortal Kombat," "Super Mario Bros," "Tetris," and "Space Invaders" and the perennials such as "Dota 2," "Resident Evil 2," "World of Warcraft," "Final Fantasy VII," and "Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec."

The success of the GTA series is an impetus for Rockstar Games to offer a new installment but GTA fans are in still limbo on when the GTA 6 deployment will materialize. GTA 5 set a benchmark that is impossible for GTA 6 to tackle. Rockstar needs to double or even triple its marketing efforts to ensure the future of GTA 6. Good luck to the GTA 6 development team!

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