Google Maps Share Feature Update: Users Can Now Take Their Lists On Social Media

Feb 15, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Leian N.

Google Maps has proved to be a sought-after application when even Apple acquired its features to be a part of its iOS. In fact, the latest Google Maps update showed that users can enjoy improved features as they can now share their favorite places in social media and other platforms. How can the feature be applied?

Since fall, the company has been developing the Google Maps share feature. Among Google's power users such as the Google Local Guides, they suggested that the functionality of the product had been underdeveloped for more than five years. However, the brand took cognizance of this demand and led Zach Maier, the lead production manager, to allow users to create and share lists of places they have been. This feature not only expanded the product's functionality but also enhanced its complexity with social media platforms, reported Tech Crunch.

When the product first started out, its main purpose was to get people from point A to point B without getting lost. However, Maier suggested that the company wanted the users to break out of their routine with Google Maps and introduce something new and innovate the product further.

According to CNET, the Master List feature had been a categorical nightmare for the product. Although the users could have it saved, it did not enable the product to adapt to the social media trend. With this development, the users can now plan a trip by saving a list of places they are interested in going before they travel. Furthermore, they could also recommend places to out-of-towners, separate places of interest into even more specific categories, and enable the users to organize travel plans. They may also send followers to favorite places by creating a list around certain interests.

The Google Maps share feature enables a public link where users can bring their interests to social media sites. In fact, it can send followers of a certain community to their list of favorite places. The product innovated its features that even Apple acquired the same services into their iOS despite it being an Android base product. Has it adopted to the social media trend already? Will this get Android apps further into the market?

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