Why Electric Vehicles Will Dominate The Future Of Transportation

Feb 14, 2017 07:10 AM EST | JP Olvido


Global car manufacturers are now realizing the potential of electric vehicles. Enthusiasts continue to be optimistic about them and skeptics are slowly beginning to understand its impact on both the economy and the environment.

Electric vehicles and the future. It all began with Tesla's introduction to the automotive industry with its high-performance all-electric cars models. The company is, in fact, in the process of producing over 1 million EV models by 2020. American car manufacturer Ford has followed suit and has even committed US$4.5 billion in the development of 13 new EV models by the same year.

The value and worth of these electronic vehicles are a no-brainer. Technology is evolving fast allowing companies to achieve environmentally-friendly and power efficiency in their products.

The popularity of these vehicles amongst the buying public is gradually increasing thanks to several factors. These factors include low battery prices which are in part due to quick technological advancement. In addition, ultra-low emission zones are quickly growing with industrial sectors pushing for a decrease in carbon emissions.

Industry standards are slowly shifting towards a more environmentally friendly stance. The only obvious way to comply with these eco-friendly standards would be to manufacture EV models.

The electric vehicles make a clear solution to the negative impact of vehicles to the environment and global oil dependency. With it being cost-effective, eco-friendly, and equally powerful as traditional vehicles, industry forecasts are predicting that it will account for at least 35% of vehicle sales by 2040.

In October 2014, only 221 charging stations worldwide. With more and more manufacturers going into producing their own EV models, there are now over 616 charging stations with 3,644 superchargers in total.

This clearly states that electronic vehicles have implanted themselves in the daily lives of the public and slowly becoming the norm. In addition, the EV is making its way to the logistics industry with companies like UPS, Deutsche Post, and GNewt Cargo utilizing fleets of electronic cars for their deliveries.

The benefits go well beyond the environment and cost. It is looking to be quite a future with electric-powered vehicles taking over traditional everyday cars.

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