2017 Jeep Patriot REVIEW: Critics Say It Is The Disappointing Offering Of Jeep! DETAILS HERE

Feb 11, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Paul Urban

The 2017 Jeep Patriot is considered to be the disappointing offering of Jeep. Critics have so much to say about this SUV and unfortunately, it is leaning towards the negative side. This is also surprising as Jeep has been producing best of the best vehicles. Well, there's always an exception to the rule.

According to The Car Connection, the site only gave it a rating of 4.7 out of a scale of 10. The 2017 Jeep Patriot belongs to the lower half of rated vehicles which is considered the disappointing side. It did not even make it to the half mark.

The site considered the interior tight and dated, which is unlikely of a Jeep vehicle. Most of Jeep's four-wheeler and other vehicles are considered top-of-the-line and has insane and deadly appeal. The Patriot does not in any way resemble that.


It also has disappointing mediocre fuel economy and awful CVT. Again, surprising words to use a Jeep vehicle. Other models boast of impressive fuel efficiency and performance. In addition, the safety features of the Patriot do not match that of others the car manufacturer produced.

As reported, the only consideration for purchasing the 2017 Jeep Patriot is it's affordable. Because of the lack of features, it is then made relatively available for many. However, it is also unfortunate that competitors offer the same price with better and impressive features. The Patriot has lost the battle in more ways than one.

As added by Kelley Blue Book, the 2017 Jeep Patriot also lacks infotainment features every rival offers. Its reliability history is also nothing hear of. Yes, it does come with the standard safety features and is still enough to make the passengers safe in any given unfortunate circumstance, however, competitors offer the better.

In spite of the negative words associated with the 2017 Jeep Patriot, consumers still gave it a rating of 8.1 out of a possible 10. No vehicle is perfect, SUV or what not and the 2017 Patriot belongs to this category. It may have lacked advanced features readily offered by its competitors, but the Patriot still possesses the Jeep name. The Patriot may be one good disappointment which Jeep can learn a lot from.

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