Honda Civic and Accord Play Second Fiddle to the CR-V

Feb 11, 2017 10:04 PM EST | BC Tabotabo

The Honda Civic was the best-selling vehicle for 2016. Similarly, the Accord is the Japanese automaker's flagship vehicle. However, the Honda CR-V seems to be the company's favorite.

Civic. The tenth generation Honda Civic was named 2016's best-selling sedan in America. Similarly, in 2015 it was also among the top picks. It has a brilliant design, impressive fuel economy, and unbeatable acceleration.

Apart from the sedan, the hatchback, the Si, and the Type-R are all part of its incredible lineup. All of the vehicles which bear the Civic name are equally stylish, sturdy, and equipped with all of the latest tech features.

Accord. The Honda Accord is the Japanese automobile manufacturer's flagship full-sized sedan. It is comfortable, affordable, and remains relatively easy to drive.

Coming in with a lot of models, it is very versatile and has a lot of different options. It has a classic look and clean edges and is perfect for a family car with all of the extra room and tech features.

Despite the Honda Civic and Accord's successes, the Japanese automaker seems to be putting all of their effort on the Honda CR-V. In the recent Super Bowl, the automobile manufacturer only promoted their SUV, as noted by NSEA Voice. The website pointed out that it came as a surprise considering that the crossover SUV is neither the best-selling vehicle nor the flagship of Honda.

However, this may also be because the CR-V was just recently designed last year and became bigger and better than its class-leading predecessor. Additionally, this year is also the celebrated SUV's 20th anniversary. This could also be one of the reasons Honda decided to run the nostalgic advertisement during the Super Bowl.

Last January, it was reported that the Japanese automobile manufacturer might go for its fourth consecutive year of impeccable sales. Torque News reported that the carmaker sold 97,718 cars and light trucks for a year over year January. This is an increase of 7.7%. Leading the sales for January were the 2017 Honda CR-V and the subcompact HR-V.

Despite the added attention to the CR-V, the Honda Civic remains to be the best-selling sedan in America for 2016 and could still contend for the title this year. The Accord also continues to be the flagship. The Japanese automobile manufacturer is perhaps strengthening their efforts in the SUV market because they have already conquered the other two markets. This year will also give Honda a lot of competition.

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