Tesla Model X Frunk Opens Without A Key: Is It A Flaw?

Feb 10, 2017 10:28 AM EST | Lasitha

The front trunks of the Tesla Model X can open without a key. The front trunk is also called a "frunk" which the company likes to call it, caught the attention of its users after reports surfaced that Tesla made an insane security flaw. However, the reports can be deemed false as this is not a flaw but a feature.

The Model X has a hidden release that is located in the front bumper to open the frunk. For the Model S the same release is located behind the front wheel. By having a release such as this, the trunk can be accessed and can be used to cut the loop of the high voltage system in case of emergency.

Tesla never really publicized this feature. It was one of the best-kept secrets that can be used only in dire need.

Before these releases were placed outside the compartment of the car in 2014, they were located under the glove box inside. So, in the case of emergency, the personnel will have to first break into the car to then release the trunk. Making the trunk accessible from outside will save them the trouble during an emergency. Also, it can be opened with the help of just a screwdriver, reported Electrek.

 What has been the problem is that the people are using the trunk for storing valuables. The trunk is definitely not for storing any valuable things. It can be used only to keep things like, maybe, groceries. When the trunk is opened, there is an alarm that goes off but by the time this happens, the person who tried to steal would have already vanished out of sight, reported Jalopnik.

So, Tesla owners, the frunk in the car is not for storing your valuables. It can be opened from outside and now after major discussions on this, the whole world knows! Please refrain from keeping things like laptops in the frunk and remember that the release for opening the frunk is for emergencies.

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