Bugatti Reveals How Its 2.6 Million Dollars Bugatti Chiron Supercar Is Built

Feb 10, 2017 12:22 PM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

The Bugatti Chiron is not only known to be expensive, but it's one of the world's fastest production supercars. For a quick history, the Bugatti was founded by Ettore Bugatti, and he also was the one who designed race cars at the beginning of the century. The supercar cost $2.6 million and was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

The supercar is currently being built at the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, which is located in the Alsace region of France. The automaker said that it would manufacture 70 models of the supercar this 2017. The company claimed that it takes about six months to build the supercar from start to finish. In fact, Bugatti claimed that they are no robots used to build the new supercar.

"The only electronic tool used in chassis assembly is the new EC nut runner system. This allows a data curve of each bolt tightened on the chassis to be stored on a computer connected to the system, which then gives the assembly worker a signal when the right torque value is reached. There are more than 1,800 bolted joints on a Chiron, with documentation required for 1,068," the company said.

It takes a team of 20 people to assemble the 1,800 parts that make up the new Bugatti Chiron. It's being built at the factory that was built in 2005 for the Veyron and also designed by the architect Gunter Henn.

Furthermore, Bugatti will also offer La Maison Pur Sang, the extensive customization program created for its customers. The supercar's exterior color can be mixed to match to a swatch of material or a piece of clothing.

Each supercar being built is unique with each other. It offers customers to choose from 23 various colors of leather, 31 different colors of stitching, 18 colors of carpet, eight different colors of Alcantara, and they can even choose from 11 various colors of their seat belts.

The supercar is powered by an amazing 16-cylinder, 1,479 horsepower engine that produces 1,180 lb-ft of torque that can give the supercar to a mind-blowing top speed of 261 miles per hour. Its W16 engine is carefully connected to the front part of the car and then covered in carbon fiber.

The supercar is also equipped with large enormous ceramic brake discs that are a requirement of every supercar that has a 261 mph top speed. The all new Bugatti Chiron usually takes two months to build from start to finish. It's delivered in no time to customers in six months time.

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