Subaru Cars Innovate Their Standard Boxer Engines, Lane Drift Alert and EyeSight Features

Feb 10, 2017 05:40 AM EST | Hannah Jill Jose

Subaru cars innovate their updated technology that includes their standard Boxer Engines, Lane Drifts, and EyeSight features. This will give them an edge against the other brands that is continuously updating their technology.

For more than 63 years, Subaru cars maintained their stature in the automotive industry and have become a signature of innovation among their top competitors, especially in the Western markets.  They have amazing and advanced technological features that will surely make car aficionados love their brand more.

Subaru cars are known for is their boxer engine, which is a horizontally-opposed cylinder arranged in two banks on either side of the crank, making it like boxers throwing punches.  The greatest advancement in its engine technology is that it gives maximum power transfer, balance, and power efficiency, according to Manchester Subaru.

Another feature that Subaru cars are proud of is the EyeSight.  These are cameras gives "extra sight" to car drivers to scan the road for unfortunate road accidents.  Subaru engineers added that it reduces the engine power once they have detected an object in front of the car in order to avoid frontal damage. They also have a symmetrical all-wheel drive system that provides both balance and power distribution.  

EyeSight in SUV's like 2017 Subaru Forester and 2017 Subaru Outback have upgraded to its third-generation version. It includes the reversing camera and auto emergency brake system and lane-drift alert as per Whichcar review.. Also, the Subaru Sedan cars, like Impreza, has a flat engine for internal combustion that gives a very responsive steering.  Subaru WRX also has the same engine design, which also allows easy acceleration and overtaking.

Subaru cars have proven that they can compete with the Western Market, as prominently seen to the unique features of their cars. We are likely to see more improvements as new upgrades are coming from time to time.  


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