New Overwatch Characters & Heroes - Doomfist Debut

Feb 09, 2017 10:40 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

Blizzard recently released a new Overwatch PTR patch earlier this week, and more fans are getting excited towards the debut of Doomfist in the hit video game, Overwatch. Plenty of evidence leads to fans thinking Doomfist will be debuting soon.

Most Overwatch players are unaware that Doomsday has been present in the game since day one - well, technically speaking, he is. Doomfist is actually a title instead of the name of a single hero in Overwatch lore.

In history, at least three people have been Doomfist at some point or another. All of these characters have been aided by a powerful gauntlet that made their fists "doomier." This Doomfist Gauntlet has been stolen from Numbani's payload. This has a lot of fans talking about the character's debut.

Only a number of fans are aware that Blizzard actually dropped the first reference to Doomfist even before Overwatch was released. There are also a few movie posters of various Doomfist manifestation on Overwatch's Hollywood level.

An intrepid of data miners also found a new asset for the Numbani payload. Of course, the Doomfist gauntlet pod is still there. However, it is broken which hints that somebody snatched it.

Many fans believe this could be the origin story of a new Doomfist. If this isn't enough to cause some commotion from the fans, actor Terry Crews has expressed his interest in voicing Doomfist.

Crews even went as far as releasing an audition video (see video below). He even received an endorsement from the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

According to reports, Crews even got to visit Blizzard's headquarters. This could either mean he's getting the part for Doomfist, or it means nothing at all.

All of these clues surely does seem like Blizzard is hinting at Doomfist's debut. Overwatch players are truly excited for another hero reveal at this point.

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