Uber’s Flying Car Project To Be Handled by NASA Engineer; Flying Cars To Be A Reality Soon

Feb 09, 2017 06:10 AM EST | Lasitha

This might have been possible in Disney movies or even science fictions. But a flying car has always remained an unfulfilled dream for humanity. This might not be true anymore. There are various reports which suggest that many are in the pursuit of making the flying car a reality. Uber is not left behind in the race.

It is reported that Uber Elevate, the research wing of the company which specializes in the flying car concept, has brought in an engineer from NASA to come closer to the dream. Mark Moore, the NASA engineer has joined hands with Uber and hopes to take the project forward.

He has been appointed as the director of engineering for aviation by Uber. This not only increases the hopes of the clients of flying in a car around the city but also emphasizes the fact that Uber is quite serious about its "flying" aspirations.

Uber plans to make flying cars which can go about 50 to 100 miles in a go. The cars will not be designed for long distance travel. It is only envisioned as a city taxi. Uber plans to create hubs in main areas of the city where the car can land and takeoff. It can also recharge while waiting for the customers, reported Auto Blog.

Why did Uber choose Mark Moore? Uber has not just randomly chosen any NASA engineer. In 2010, Moore had published a paper on the feasibility and practicality of flying cars. So, Moore is convinced himself and also has aspirations to make this a reality. He was so convincing when he presented the vertical takeoff and landing that he gained the attention of investors like Larry Page who even began investing money in ventures related to flying cars. Moore strongly believes that the first generation flying car is just a couple of years away, reported The Independent.

This is the first step that Uber has taken. There are many more hurdles in the form of project materialization, regulatory issues and airspace rules that stand in the way of making this happen. The safety of the flying car is also an issue that Uber might address. Apart from all this, Uber will have to gain the confidence of the customers.

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