Did iPad Pro Kill MacBook Air?

Feb 09, 2017 06:21 AM EST | Ed Saludes


Apple's move to discontinue the production of the MacBook Air did not surprise many in the tech industry. Though the laptop is a priced item for the tech giant, lagging sales drove Apple to exclude the Air from its order sheet to suppliers for 2017. However, some speculations point to the surging popularity of the iPad Pro as the main culprit to the MacBook Air's demise.

The disappointing market performance of the MacBook Air is faulted to Apple's dilution of the MacBook brand. The company introduced too many variants, with some ending up as redundant offerings.

The Cupertino-company did not release an official statement on the discontinuation of the MacBook Air. Even an explanation to back up their decision is still nonexistent. However, that did not prevent Apple fans to blame the death of the laptop on the iPad Pro.

The MacBook Air is one of the benchmark ultraportable laptops that will be remembered by many tech enthusiasts. It belongs to the pantheon of Apple's greatest flagship products of all time that include the iPhone, Mac, and iPod. Microsoft attempted to topple the Air but failed to surpass its slim form factor and match its performance.

The iPad Pro signaled the end of the road for the MacBook Air. Launched in 2016, the tablet attracted the interest of gadget enthusiasts due to its productivity-tailored features. Soon, it will position itself as a worthy successor or alternative to the latter.

The success of the iPad Pro will cast more shadow on the MacBook Air. Apple is expected to release the iPad Pro 2 soon. The device is speculated to have a much faster processor and keyboard and mouse compatibility - features that the MacBook Air have.

If the iPad Pro 2 will receive more love from consumers, the MacBook Air will be gone sooner. The iPad Pro 2 has the potential to be a device for work and productivity. These advantages are such a huge threat to the MacBook Air.

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