New ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Analysis Video Will Make You Crave More For The New Game

Feb 09, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Gerone Trish

"Super Mario Odyssey's" trailer analysis videos are currently floating on the web. However, one particular video pulled it off with a lengthy, detailed yet enjoyable presentation.

An 83-minute video analysis for the popularly viewed trailer for "Super Mario Odyssey" has surfaced. It might seem very long but GameXplain created an enjoyable clip which explained further the upcoming game.

It was mentioned in the video that the trailer seems to present only four levels in the game so far, which appears to be quite lengthy too. The analysis video first discussed the New York City level. The clip then moved on to talk about the desert area level, then transferred to the mechanical forest. Finally, the clip also discussed a bizarre level which the analyst just called the volcano level because of the presence of a volcano in the clip.

It was noted in the clip that there is actually no single goal nor only one accurate way to get to a level. Everything still depends on the player's strategies and preferences.

Interestingly, each area from the New York City contains varying shapes of collectible purple objects. The clip also gave a detailed presentation of the layout of the New York City level and the purple collectibles were tackled too.

The video also talked about various theories on checkpoints, hats and the moon. Mario's flying vehicle contains the marks of various hats scattered all over the vehicle. This led to speculations that Mad Hatter could be the owner of the vehicle. Another puzzling theory links to the hat of Mario which has powers and is shown to constantly roll too.

Meanwhile, the "Super Mario Odyssey" trailer released by Nintendo in January has already earned more than 12 million views. This count makes the upcoming game the most-viewed game from Nintendo, from the videos posted on its official YouTube channel. The new trailer has surpassed "Breath of the Wild" trailer which gained 11 million views, Destructoid has noted.

"Super Mario Odyssey" is set to be released in Nintendo Switch this holiday season. You may want to check out the video analysis on this link that will make you crave more for the upcoming Mario game.

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