Moto G4 Is Undoubtedly The Best Affordable Smartphone In The Market; Puts Other Budget Phones To Shame!

Feb 09, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Paul Urban

Moto G4 is undoubtedly the best affordable smartphone in the market today. It is yet another addition to Motorola's good quality phones. Motorola has been out of the market for quite some time but it is back with a vengeance, especially now that it is owned by Lenovo. It may not rub elbows with high-end devices, it is, however, sitting comfortably in the affordable range as it reigns supreme.

According to Tech Radar, it is an impressive updated version of the previously released generations. While others did not make that much of a buzz, the Moto G4 is about to reclaim that. It may not go highly advertised, but word gets around much faster. Through this, many find out about how good this affordable smartphone is.

For a device that doesn't go over $300 price tag, it is impressive and noteworthy. It has gained the reputation for offering high-end specifications for an affordable price. Though its look didn't drastically change compared to its predecessor, many Motorola users do not mind at all.

It is also all about comfort and ergonomics when being used. The Moto G4's edges are rounded off which makes sit comfortably around the hands of the user for much-needed grip compared to the previous Motorola phones. The 3.3mm headphone jack is still present and sits on the center top of the of the device.

The device is also highly suited for those who are adventurous and who love the outdoors. Rain or shine, the affordable can be used as it is water-resistant. It will not malfunction or breakdown when accidentally splashed with water in any way possible. Note, though, that the device is water-resistant and not waterproof. Those two completely two worlds apart.

As added by Expert Reviews, the Moto G4 has blinding speed, excellent camera, and impressive battery life, it makes all other budget smartphones non-existent and irrelevant. This is such a strong pronouncement but in reality, it really is the case. One must get his or her hands onto the device to find out.

The Moto G4 has been released middle of 2016, but clearly, it is still making a splash. It is still considered a device to have especially for those who require the best of specs and features for an affordable price. This smartphone is sure to never disappoint and is expected to remain that way for a long while. This is also a perfect secondary phone if one needs another device just in case.

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