Here Are Some Useful Tips On How To Play Fire Emblem Heroes; Full Information Here

Feb 08, 2017 10:42 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free mobile game created by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for iOs and Android devices. The game just made its world debut last February 2, 2017.

According to some reviews, the game isn't difficult, but it will be confusing to navigate and understand for newbie players. For players who want to take on the armies of Princess Veronica, here are some tips on how to play the game.

Before a player can start playing the game, they will be asked if they want to link their My Nintendo account. Of course, yes would be the answer. By linking the Nintendo account, players will get ten free orbs.

If a player wonders where the My Nintendo orbs went, they just simply need to take one more step. They need to Tap the Home button, and then tap the fountain in the bottom-right corner. This has all the lists of current quests and missions, and this is also where the My Nintendo points can be claimed and spends them on in-game items.

The second tip is, "Do every limited time quest and fight." Every player needs to check their Quests and Missions and do their best to complete the challenges given. The rewards may be a little at the time. However, it can add up to pay large dividends in the future. This will let players summon more heroes, level up the current heroes they have, and more.

Once a player completes a certain level in the story, they'll unlock the Special maps option. In this map, they can find rare foes that will challenge them. Beat them to earn that hero and receive a handful of summoning orbs.

The third tip is, "Wait to summon for 20 orbs". Usually summoning a hero will cost five orbs. But it can be reduced by summoning multiple heroes in a row. Players can summon up to five at a time. First summon costs five orbs, then 4, then 4, then 4, then 3.

The fourth tip is, "upgrading the castle." It will cost a total of 30 orbs when upgrading the castle. It will boost the EXP earned by 100 percent.

The fifth tip is, "checking heroes stats. Heroes of the same star rating can have different numbers attributed to their health, attack, defense, and so on. To check the character's stats, just tap on Allies and then Edit teams. Every player needs to figure out the characters that are worth keeping and tap Advance Growth.

The sixth tip, "Spend those skill points." By leveling up, it also provides characters Skill Points. By tapping Learn Skills, a player can teach their heroes how to perform incredible skills.

The seventh tip, "Build a balanced team." In Fire Emblem Heroes, players can take four heroes into battle at once. Players would need to keep in mind to have ranged heroes and melee heroes. And if possible, bring a healer or buffing type character.

The last tip, "look closely at enemies." By tapping an enemy, players can see their enemies' stats, weapon, and skills. Players will have the idea where to focus their attention and which enemies' are vulnerable to attack by holding to that particular enemy.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a fantastic game where every player can have fun battles and can reunite wild old FE friends from anywhere around the world. The game is also playable on any phones and tablets with iOs and Android OS.

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