'Tom Clancy’s The Division' Updates: Game To Be Controlled By Players; Updates Scheduled; Few Updates For Free

Feb 08, 2017 05:10 AM EST | Lasitha

"Tom Clancy's The Division" is in the news for upcoming updates and expansions. This came after the game picked up a crawl space. It is reported that this year will see free updates 1.7 and 1.8. Though this seems extremely interesting, there is no official confirmation on the same. When we look back, during Year One, the expansions were scheduled and carried out in equal numbers. Among these, the first two updates were free too.

According to the mock-up of the 1.7 update, which is called "Isolation," there will be a PvE Dark Zone in the update. It will also have load outs and also character recreation. These are just a few things that the update has in store. It is also predicted that the 1.7 "Isolation" title will give a feeling of isolation of the players. It is quite possible that the player will not be teamed with anyone and will have to deal with the challenges alone, reported Inquisitr.

According to reports, the Last Stand will feature a PvE component. This will allow the players to farm AI enemies. This means that though many people do not favor PvE yet, a player can contribute greatly to the team by just PvE farming to an extent.

Don't forget, Massive/Ubisoft had sent out a survey that made people speculate this was a probing method by the developers for Year Two content. The Division YouTuber Skill Up is thinking that this content is being considered with a number of job openings that Massive had advertised. Could this be another way to display The Division players' wishes for what is desired in this game?

Serge Hascoet, who was the chief creative designer at Ubisoft, stated that the "game is becoming less important." Ubisoft would want the players to take control and would want them to weave a path for the character. "The idea is to give players the tools to make their own fun rather than have the developers dictate the terms from on high," he said, reported Ubi.

The update 1.8 is themed "Arsenal" and is completely unpredictable. It seems that the update will present dynamic missions to the players. Also, the players have to deal with the changing weather. This would add into the unpredictability of the game. Also, Ubisoft seems to be concentrating on a player controlled game rather than a game with a lot of narratives.

The schedule of the updates starts from the month of April all the way to the Winter season. This is expected to have three DLC expansions. The 1.7 is called "Isolation" going to be free of cost and will be available in April. The 1.8 is called "Arsenal" and is a free update that will be released in May. The DLC expansions, the "Expansion IV - Retribution in the summer", "Expansion V - Ascension in the fall" and "Expansion VI - Graveyard in the winter" will be released during 2017.

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