E3 2017 Dates, Predictions and Announcements

Feb 06, 2017 06:32 PM EST | Ileen Jasmine

E3 2017 is just around the corner. With its dates revealed, predictions and announcements followed.

Auto World News recently reported about the Project Scorpio and its relation to E3 2017. According to predictions with some promotions from Microsoft, the Project Scorpio will outshine the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Some even referred to it as the most powerful console to date. Considering it will feature 4k gaming, this could very well be true. Recently, Auto World News also reported Xbox boss Phil Spencer's hints for its upcoming lineup at the said event.

According to Spencer, there will only be top notch games which will showcase what the Project Scorpio can do. Fans can expect the best games at their booth this year.

On the other hand, Sony is expected to return to the E3 2017 event. Fans expect nothing but great things from the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation.

After all, Sony has been a showstopper in the E3 event year after year. Just a couple of years ago, the company shocked the whole gaming community with the announcement of the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake". Last year, they made another huge shocker with the announcement of "Horizon: Zero Dawn."

Speaking of exciting shockers, the Nintendo Switch will be turning three months old by the time of the E3 2017 event. If Nintendo wants to keep customers interested, the company will have to prepare a strong lineup of games for the console.

However, the highlight of this year's E3 event is expected to be Microsoft's presentation for the Project Scorpio. According to Phil Spencer, there will be no pre-orders on the console until all the games have been shown.

Spencer also teased fans on the social media network Twitter regarding more cross-play support between the Xbox One and PC. The Project Scorpio is set to go on sale for the last quarter of the year. However, fans can expect the console taking the spotlight on E3 2017.

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