Americans Call For Uber Delete Made Uber CEO Resign Economic Council

Feb 06, 2017 10:12 PM EST | Hannah Jill Jose

Hundreds of thousands of Americans protested and called for Uber Delete over President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban last week. Americans deleted their Uber accounts over 2 incidents. Uber continued their operations at the John F. Kennedy airport last Saturday.  

This created a notion in the mind of the people that Uber is undermining a taxi strike over the order of Pres. Donald Tramp on banning Muslims coming from seven countries. Uber likewise announced switching off its "price surge" amidst the strike. This made the protesters more dismayed over the company capitalizing more over the taxi strike. 

In disgust, Americans made a counter protest- Uber Delete. According to The Guardian, hundreds of thousands deleted and closed their Uber account. This led the company to implement an automated process to handle the unprecedented demand. Before the incident, this was done manually by company staff.

In a related development, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from Trump's Advisory Council. Fortune report mentioned that he published a letter informing employees that he is against the travel ban.  He likewise intimated that joining the council is not meant to endorse Trump's travel ban. These were made in response to the Uber Delete protest.  These solutions failed to turn the tide against the company.

In a related news, The Uber Delete campaign has launched a marketing gimmick from the company. Uber is sending emails to former users who had deleted their accounts, CNBC reported.

The email reminds former users that the company is in solidarity with them against the travel ban. Uber is planning to set up a fund in order compensate drivers prevented from coming back to America because of the ban.  Uber would not discuss on how many people had really deleted their accounts. The company is now seeking ways on gaining the trust of its customers who deleted their Uber accounts.


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