Microsoft Surface Pro 5 With Surface Dial And 4K Screen Has A New Rival With Curved Keyboards And Detachable Display From Intel?

Feb 06, 2017 10:30 AM EST | Gerone Trish

As gadget enthusiasts highly anticipate the coming of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with Surface Dial and 4K screen, a new rival laptop from Intel has made a surprising leaked debut. Apparently, an alleged patent has been leaked, revealing the existence of the new rival, which happens to sport a curved keyboard and curved, detachable display.

It seems that Intel is cooking up something to compete with Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro ranges with a detachable display. Over this weekend, the Leaker reported the patent applied for by Intel for an electronic device sporting a detachable display.

This significant feature points to the tech giant's alleged plan to compete with Microsoft's lineup of a laptop with a similar feature. However, Intel is making a significant edge as the patent reveals a curved display, which Microsoft apparently has not explored yet.

The alleged leaked patent shows a curved design not just on the display, but also on the keyboards. This unique design will make Intel the first tech giant to create a curvaceous hybrid laptop.

Interestingly, the detachable feature of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rival suggests that the upcoming hybrid laptop from Intel will also function as a tablet.

Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts have been feasting on Microsoft Surface Pro 5 on the rumor mill. The new laptop is expected to be very powerful with upgraded specs and aesthetics.

The new SP5 is expected to carry the latest Intel's Kaby Lake processors with 16 GB of RAM. The battery is also anticipated to have been greatly improved.

This will also come with a rechargeable Surface Pen. The other new accessory to be released with the Surface Pro 5 is the Surface Dial.

It seems that Microsoft has focused on providing productivity advancement through this special tool, Surface Dial. This special productivity tool is a very good support for graphics creation, which makes the new SP5 to be the mini-me of the Surface Studio.

In addition, graphics can be done with ease as the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to sport a 4k screen. This is one special feature that tech enthusiasts are excited about with the SP5, the Inquisitr has noted.

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