‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Review: Very Challenging Game Which Sold $2.9M On First Day, Beating ‘Clash Royale’

Feb 06, 2017 05:00 AM EST | Gerone Trish

Within 24 hours of release, "Fire Emblem Heroes" has reportedly made more than $2.9 million global sales. What made this new Nintendo title to surpass Supercell's "Clash Royale?"

Reports say that Fire "Emblem Heroes" has made more than $2.9 million during its first 24 hours. Although this sales figure does not match with "Pokémon Go" ($10.2M sales) and "Super Mario Run" ($8.4M), the First Day Gross Revenue record on the Store Intelligence of Sensor Tower shows that it has surpassed Clash Royale's $1.4M first-day sales.

On the other hand, the First Day Downloads record reveals that "Fire Emblem Heroes" has an equal of 2.0M downloads with "Clash Royale" on its first day, while "Super Mario Run" ranked first with 6.0M and "Pokémon Go" only at second place with 4.2M.

The new mobile game appears to be linked with other gacha games in Japan where heroes would level up and join forces with one another to create greater versions in performing missions in a chosen battle. The player begins with a gift collection of "starter" heroes, containing six heroes, which can be utilized to make more than 15 missions.

To purchase another set of heroes, the player must earn the required "orbs." The "orbs" refer to the major currency of "Fire Emblem Heroes," which can be acquired by doing at least the prolog missions.

What makes this new game very challenging is finding free orbs which are not an easy task, in fact, it is scarce. Although at the start, the game lures the player by providing tons of resources, these resources will quickly be utilized and getting through each new task becomes a struggle.

With regard to the gameplay, the player has a team of four members, such as the warriors, healers, mages, and others. Each team member possesses various skills and styles of attacking. The goal is to land your team around the board to get the best result. However, it will not be a simple positioning as there will be heaps of obstacles like restrictive walls and choke points.

Furthermore, the new mobile game surpasses all other games in this niche as it has all the polishes being offered by Nintendo. Among the strengths of "Fire Emblem Heroes" is its battle system which is very engaging. It also has an excellent UI and artistic artwork, Forbes has reviewed.


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