Chuck Liddell And 2013 BMW 760Li Truly A Light Heavyweight Champ Combination!

Feb 03, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Paul Urban


Chuck Liddell, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion is definitely not a stranger to sleek and sophisticated rides. He is a daily driver of 2013 BMW 760Li which does not disappoint at all. Sure there are newer models, but he is satisfied and contented with his sleek ride.

According to Motor Trend, Liddell's 2013 BMW 760Li is one of the most comfortable rides he has ever owned. There is reportedly nothing he disliked about his BMW especially when compared to his last car.

Liddell also has a good list of luxury sports car. He also had a Ferrari which he eventually had to give up. Before owning the Ferrari, he rates his BMW a perfect 10. However, having experienced driving a Ferrari, which is a gold standard in all of the luxury cars, he rates his BMW a 9.5. It is still considerably high and is still perfect when rounded-off.

His 2013 BMW 760Li is the luxury vehicle he will most likely be seen driving. It definitely makes for a perfect ride especially if it is just within the city, cruising down the freeway with ease and comfort to the driver.


Chuck Liddell also likes the BMW's cruise control. He said he doesn't have to mess with anything if he wants to take it easy on the ride. Comfort is the key for this UFC champ. He continued on by saying that it is a comfortable car to drive and to sit in. In general, he summarizes it as one amazing car and it is easy to understand why.

As added by Car and Driver, the 2013 BMW 760Li comes with twin-turbocharged, 6.0-liter V-12 engine which produces 535-horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque through a new eight-speed automatic. It is also reported that the acceleration is rapid. Its top speed registers at 155 mph.

The 2013 BMW 760Li is generally known for its power. Other factors considered are sumptuous luxury and clean styling. It is definitely one class act perfect for the UFC champion Chuck Liddell. He loves his BMW just like the rest of the owners all across the globe for they own one piece of engineering wonder which makes them distinct in their own right.

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