Overwatch News: Bastion's New Changes Revealed Here

Feb 02, 2017 10:58 AM EST | BC Tabotabo


Blizzard Entertainment has teased about upcoming adjustments for Bastion in Overwatch. Finally, the Irvine-based video game developer has finally shared some specifics about the change.

Kotaku reported that Bastion was the bane of the players of the popular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game's existence. The character was such a difficult one to deal with initially then everybody was able to figure out how to counter him and he repeatedly fell to pieces. He eventually fell to the bottom of the ladder but luckily, Bastion's in for some major changes.

Geoff Goodman, the principal designer of Overwatch has talked at length about the upcoming changes for Bastion. This will be coming to the game's PTR very soon.

First, nearly all of Bastion's core abilities will be getting overhauled and re-tuned. His recon mode (where Bastion walks around like a humanoid) will get less spread when firing and increased magazine size. This is expected to help with general viability for this mode.

In addition, Bastion's sentry mode (where he becomes a bullet tube) is going to transform into a "tank buster and barrier buster mode." This means that sentry mode will make him able to better counter tanks and barriers.

When sentry mode occurs, it won't also mean certain suicide for Bastion. Goodman reveals that they are testing variables like increased spread and removing headshots so Bastion will take less damage while transformed.

Finally, Bastion's self-repair ability will get a major change. Currently, Bastion is able to use Self-Repair while moving and is no longer interrupted when he takes damages. To balance this out, it will not be on a resource system. These changes will make the ability more useful and make it a very powerful core survivability tool.

GameSpot further reports that in the past Bastion received no meaningful balance changes since Overwatch's launch last year. The character was first considered overpowered then he became one of the least-used characters that was easily countered. Will the new tweaks and upgrades finally make Bastion a balanced character that more players will like to use?

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