Acura's Mid-Engine Hybrid Supercar Reportedly Struggling On Its Early Sales?

Feb 02, 2017 10:40 AM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

The NSX, Acura's midengined hybrid supercar, was introduced on the market last year having a ton of great expectations. The car was the long-awaited successor of the iconic 1990s sports car, the 573-horsepower NSX was considered one of 2016's most highly anticipated new models. There have been reports that the car will be arriving in dealerships this coming June.

However, eight months after first customers were able to receive their cars, there have been warning signs the NSX might be struggling to find a good spot in the marketplace. In fact, a quick search of new cars on classified websites revealed a lot of unsold models just sitting at dealers, with a large number being offered at nearly MSRP.

Websites such as, revealed 165 examples for sale around the US, while has 170. eBay Motors only has 18 examples that are up for sale, but none even one of them has a registered bid.

It's horrible to know that Acura only just sold 269 new NSX coupes in North Amerca in 2016, and the numbers are weird in the field in supercar sales. High-end automakers such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari or Porsche are often the subject of order queues that will take months long. The company didn't provide any information on how many NSX unit it has in inventory.

The supercar brand may be struggling to find its way as a brand, however, some reviews for the production of NSX have been very positive so far. The car has won several awards, and it was even named the very favorable reviewed car in Roadshow's own pages.

The NSX did take a long time to reach the market, but the automaker is confident on its model's future. It sold 68 units in December and 50 units in January, considering it two of the model's strongest sales months to date.

Honda spokesman, Matt Slouster said, "We will do more to market the car from a Tier-1 level." "For us, it's about changing people's perception about who Acura is and what we can do, and there's no better way to do that than a supercar."


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