Faraday Future Production Faces Issues? Factory Plans Mitigated

Feb 02, 2017 11:31 PM EST | Leian N.

Tesla has pegged the Faraday Future to be its flagship model which they lodged give million square foot Gigafactory in Nevada as its production cost. Knowing that the vehicle has diverse features, impressive tech, and unique characteristics as was revealed last year, the company has gone back on its word and only utilized about a quarter of that production plan. Will the vehicle experience delays because of this?

Although the upcoming plant is yet to be completed by August of this year, North Las Vegas Manager Quiong Lui only confirmed that they have only occupied 65,000 square feet of the alleged five million square feet lodged for the project. As reported by Auto Blog, the cutback has been due to the lack of funds. Earlier this year, Jia Yueting, LeEco technology official, did attest that their capital for the Faraday Future had experienced setbacks.

Despite diminished plan, the company attests that the assembly for Faraday Future FF91 would start by the end of next year. The locality has also extended its helping hand to accommodate the plant's utilization of roads, sewers, and water lines in Apex Industrial Park where the car would be manufactured.

During the Las Vegas CES last year, the company boasted that the vehicle would be able to generate 1,085hp, run on better charging capacity, and could cover 378mi on a full charge as its maximum. As reported by Hybrid Cars, the state would provide $200 million in incentives for the production of this hybrid supercar and since the plant would employ 4,500 people to make this possible. In fact, AECOM has already paid its construction permits for the creation of the model this year.

The Faraday Future FF91 vehicles would start production by the end of next year. Although billions-worth of capital had been lodged by Tesla for the production of this hybrid supercar, the plant is scheduled to be completed by August of this year. Would the company be able to create the 1,085hp vehicle on time with financial troubles ahead?

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