‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ News & Update: BioWare Reveals Human Members Of The Pathfinder Team Aboard Ark Hyperion

Feb 01, 2017 08:06 PM EST | Ed Saludes


This week saw the releases of two cinematic trailers for "Mass Effect: Andromeda". These videos offer information on the Pathfinder Team and introduce gamers to new alien species, allies, and the main villain, Arkon. The first trailer for the spacefaring RPG provides the preview of the two human members of the Pathfinder Team aboard Ark Hyperion - Liam Kosta and Cora Harper.

Liam Kosta's brief profile on the Mass Effect website reveals some of his physical characteristics such as height, weight, species, and the like. Kosta was born in London, England and resides in Citadel. His favorite weapon is overclocked dual Omni-blades which he uses to stun enemies and prime them for combo detonations. He is a crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training.

Kosta's co-member is Cora Harper, a biotic who trained with an Asari commando unit before joining the Andromeda Initiative as Alec Ryder's second-in-command. Her favorite weapon is the shotgun. She uses her Biotic Charge to close the distance with unwitting foes.

Kosta and Harper are part of "Mass Effect: Andromeda's" Pathfinder Team whose members are explorers, survivalists, scientists, soldiers, and diplomats. The Pathfinder Team's mission is to seek out new planets where they can identify settlement sites and build new homes.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" is a soft reboot of the series that is set more than half a millennium after the last video game, "Mass Effect 3". A new galaxy is created for the reboot, which features an entirely new cast of characters. Sarah and Scott Ryder, the children of N7 Special Forces officer Alec Ryder, are the main characters whom players can assume the role of.

The BioWare video game is launching this March 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC users. For more information on the Pathfinder Team, see the video below. Share your thoughts on the article in the comment section.

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