Plug-in Hybrid Cars: The Energy Management Systems Save Fuel Through Nature Evolutionary Algorithms

Feb 01, 2017 07:53 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

The new research of the University of California, Riverside showcased its nature-evolutionary systems to improve plug-in hybrid cars energy efficiency. Researchers came up with a new technology that improves and reduces fuel consumption of hybrid cars by 30 percent.

Researchers developed evolutionary algorithms which combine electric and gas power for maximum fuel consumption. The new research unveiled that the car's management systems balance the plug-in energy load between the battery and gas engine. The new study will help the mid-route pit stop to refuel the car. It is too costly to switch the plug-in cars to a gas engine.

The Energy Management Systems (EMS) helps to put the car in all-electric mode until the battery is totally drained, and it will automatically switch it to hybrid mode. This split method is not an efficient way to balance the two power source. Researchers suggested that merging the two power modes and using the battery minimizes fuel consumption. It will require more time for the information processing of managing the energy sources.

"By mathematically modeling the energy saving processes that occur in nature, scientists have created algorithms that can be used to solve optimization problems in engineering," Xuewei Qi said. He added that crowdsourcing platforms will optimize the efficiency of fuel. Qi is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Environmental Research and Technology.

The evolutionary algorithm illustrates energy saving behavior in nature like insect swarming and birds flocking. The mixture of information coming from the connected vehicle technology will help achieve the energy savings of more than 30 percent and the evolutionary algorithm exemplifies the charging opportunities during the road trip.

Researchers looked to nature evolutionary systems for inspiration, mostly the idea how birds flock. They envision that in order to improve the bird's energy efficiency fly in formation. Researchers draw closer with a new technology that improves and reduces fuel consumption of plug-in hybrid cars.

According to Qi that the PHEV energy management system will no longer be a static device and it will dynamically evolve and develop the car's entire life cycle. The main goal is to transform the PHEV EMS to accomplish superior fuel savings and emission reductions.


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