Nintendo Switch Accessories And Replacements Drive Up The Console’s Price Ahead Of March Release

Jan 31, 2017 09:52 PM EST | Ed Saludes


The release of the Nintendo Switch is almost less than a month away. This innovative console is widely anticipated by the gaming community since its official unveiling in Japan early this year. Third-party companies such as Hori have emerged to cash in on the popularity of the hybrid gadget by manufacturing various accessories.

The Hori range of accessories can now be acquired from Amazon ahead of the March 3 release of the console. The range has long been available to pre-order in Japan and North America and is slowly popping up in the UK and Europe.

Nintendo licensed Hori to manufacture the official Switch-branded 16GB and 32GB SD cards. These accessories were criticized for being a little bit pricey with the 32GB variant costing 7,900 Japanese yen or $70. Sandisk's high-end 32GB SD only costs 2,900 Japanese yen or $23.

According to Forbes magazine's Paul Tassi, it is not wise to have the officially branded SD cards for the Nintendo Switch. This severe markup price is not worth it, Tassi added. He stressed that any microSD will work in the console.

Upcoming owners of the modular console would be tempted to buy these accessories. Some of them include the Hori Switch LAN Adapter, Hori Switch Tough Case, and Hori Switch Premium Screen Filter. Also listed on Amazon are the Hori Switch Compact Play Sand, Hori Switch Game Card Case, and the Hori Switch Game Card Case (clear). Their prices range between $11 and $26.

The console's accessories and replacements are driving up its price even more ahead of the March release date. The $299 price tag is only for the system, without any games included.  Another price pusher is the replacement batteries which users need to pay if theirs have gone botched up.

The Nintendo Switch product page states that the internal battery cannot be removed manually. According to Nintendo, "If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support."

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