Xbox One Update - Console Could Still Get Keyboard and Mouse Support

Jan 31, 2017 10:00 AM EST | Ileen Jasmine

A recent Xbox One update reveals it could still get an upgrade. It is widely known that the console already supports USB keyboards. However, it does not support a full keyboard and mouse control setup. According to Phil Spencer, this could happen.

The Xbox boss is still hopeful that in the Xbox One could support a full keyboard and mouse control setup in the near feature. Spencer is also widely known for answering Xbox and Xbox One fans questions on his social media accounts - this is kind of his signature thing.

In a response to a fan on the social media network Twitter, Spencer offered some insight on the possible Xbox One upgrade. The fan asked if there would be keyboard and mouse controls for RTS game Halo Wars 2 on the console.

In his response, Spencer made it clear that this feature won't be available at the game's launch this coming February. However, he did offer some hope for the future saying, "This is support we'd like to add as it comes to the Xbox platform."

The keyboard and mouse support for the console is an update Microsoft has been thinking about for a while now, according to reports. In fact, a month before the console's release back in 2013, Microsoft has talked about bringing this control scheme to the Xbox One.

Everybody knows the RTS genre is most popular on PC where keyboard and mouse controls are very handy when a player's having to keep control of multiple units on the battlefield at any given time. Of course, the controller setup for the Halo Wars is completely fine.

With that said, the option to use they keyboard and mouse on the console would be a great help for the users. Spencer openly talked about this on his Twitter account just last week. Spencer expressed his hopes for the RTS genre growing on the console.

Back in 2014, Spencer also talked about this, saying the RTS games will see a resurgence on the console in its current generation. Three years later, fans are still hoping to see this happen.

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