Space X Hyperloop Alpha Travels In A Sonic Boom Using An Electromagnetic Suspension

Jan 30, 2017 09:38 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

The California Space X Hyperloop Alpha is a high-speed rail, which is safer, lower cost, and more convenient. It is also immune to weather and can sustainably self-powering. It offers resistant to earthquakes and cannot be disruptive to along the other vehicles on the route. It is using an electromagnetic suspension.

The Hyperloop Alpha is the perfect solution for high traffic city pairs, which it can offer less than about 1500 km or 900 miles apart. The supersonic air travel ends to be being cheaper and faster. The high altitude and the perfect angle can create a sonic boom noise on the ground. It will be the vast new worldwide infrastructure. The friction of a 350-mile long column of air movements against the inside of the tube can create a supersonic velocity.

In order for the loop to go fast, it needs at high altitude where the air density drops exponentially to create a sonic velocity. It can enlarged version similar to pneumatic tubes, which uses powerful push air at high speed through a tube and propel people-sized pods straight from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The Space X Hyperloop Alpha is aiming to create a low friction suspension system when traveling at over 700 mph. The linear electric motor of the pod is simply a round induction motor rolled flat to accelerate the pod to high subsonic velocity and provide boost every 70 miles.

It has expansion joints to deal with thermal contraction like earthquakes, or large-scale land movement. The tube inside the pylons has two adjustable lateral dampers and one vertical damper. It generates power via solar panels on top of the tube. The energy can be stored in the form of compressed air.

The traveling capsule is made of steel. It has two tubes welded together in a side-by-side configuration. The pylons are placed every 100 feet to support the tube.

The Space X Hyperloop Alpha is sealed carrying 28 passengers each traveling along the tube every two minutes from LA to San Francisco and the peak usage hours will be up to 30 seconds. The larger system allows to transport three full automobiles and capsules can be separated within the tube by 23 miles on the average operation.


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