McLaren 720 S Super Series: Luxurious Supercars Sharp-Designed To Debut At Geneva Motor Show

Jan 29, 2017 08:40 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

McLaren's current Super Series models will be followed by their successor, the McLaren 720S. The British automaker, McLaren, is known from their luxurious supercars with sharp designs and superb interiors and exteriors. The new supercar was shown during some special events in the USA prior to its debut in March during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The first leaked image was posted on "Woppum's Instagram" and later on circulated online. The image showed the allegedly McLaren 720S during an event. Based on the image, the model will somehow surpass the dramatic styling features of the 650S.

The 720S is the first mark of the company's redesigned model. It was based from their P14. McLaren has only been producing a large count of cars for a few years. They never needed to introduce their second generation model before.

According to some reports, the new McLaren 720S will have one of the most impressive aeronautic program and a special mode (track) that will differentiate the model from other cars in the market. The same report also claimed that the new car can go faster compared to the P1.

 The name of the car is said to derive from its metric horsepower. The company also claimed that the McLaren 720S will be twice as aerodynamic as the 650S. According to the spoilers referring to the McLaren 650S, the model can pitch forward that will serve as an air brake.

The 720S body style and structure will be based on Monnocage II that according to McLaren will provide support in cutting a dry weight up to 1,283 kilograms/ 2,828 pounds, or 18 kg/ 39.6 lbs which is lighter than the 650S. The company also promises much low center gravity, easy ingress and egress, and a better outward visibility. In addition, McLaren offers lower level Sports Series and has been planning a limited-edition supercar in 2019.


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