Nintendo 3DS News: Pokemon Sun And Moon Transfer Error, And Free Mewnium Z-Crystal - Transfer Guide Inside

Jan 25, 2017 08:45 PM EST | Jayde Marvynne Zamora

The Poke Transporter has been updated to allow players to transfer the original 150 Pokemon captured from the virtual console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to the latest 3DS version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. This new update also brings free Mewnium Z-Crystals that allows Mew to use its Z-Move.

Since Pokemon Bank update has revealed, many Pokemon fans are asking how to transfer these Virtual Console version Pokemon. Currently, there is only one way to transfer Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to Pokemon Sun and Moon. (1) Fans need to have Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow virtual console version, and the Pokemon Sun and Moon new 3DS version in order for the transfer to work. (2) Download the Pokemon Bank app for $4.99 (annual fee) in Nintendo eShop, then (3) download Poke Transporter. Here is the video for a complete step-by-step process.

Another interesting fact about the latest update is MissingNo, who is a glitched Pokemon, being transported to the latest version. Fans who attempted transferring the said unreal Pokemon encountered an issue regarding their Pokemon nicknames. Well, who cares about nicknames? In the Pokemon world, nicknames are unchangeable unless the player transferred from one old game to the other. Basically, the error that has occurred changes the in-game nicknames of players who attempted to transfer. Players who have done the process are stuck with an undesired nickname.

Players can now redeem their free Mewnium Z-Crystal at the Mystery Gift application before it expires on October 2, 2017. These Mewnium Z-Crystals allow Mew to showcase its Z-Move which is Genesis Supernova. In other news, a new game for Nintendo 3DS called Lightspeed is set to launch next month. Nintendo teased its fans with Lightspeed's new trailer (video below).

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