MacBook Pro Latest Update: Apple Solved Battery Life Issues; New Bug Fixes Improved Quality For Users

Jan 24, 2017 11:29 PM EST | jonathan aguilar


Apple has done many updates in the 2016 MacBook Pro and these were all done to make the product more usable and convenient for the user. One of the updates made is a fix for the battery life problem frequently complained about by users.

Business Insider reported that the frequent need for battery charging reported by complaining users has led to the decision of products reviewer Consumer Reports not to recommend the product. The problem had something to do with the use of the Safari Browser and Apple promptly corrected the glitch.

After the problem was fixed, Consumer Reports quickly overturned its verdict and placed the MacBook Pro on its "Recommended" List.  As problems on their products are reported, Apple is quick to provide solutions.

The nasty battery bug was fairly common as there were many complaints reported on the matter. Some users say that their MacBook Pro was completely drained after editing videos for only two hours.

Feedbacks from users are vital to the development of updates for computers like 2016 MacBook Pro. The fix for the battery problem was immediately relayed to ordinary users who were experiencing the problem.

Now that a fix on the battery bug has been given to MacBook Pro users, feedbacks on the performance of the provided update are expected to come in. Product reviewers are active in finding bugs discovered in popular products like MacBook Pro and monitor the results of fixes provided by the company.

TechCrunch has reported that the Apple update, MacOS 10.12.3 also includes a fix for the graphics bug that has caused overheating in some MacBook Pros. The latest Apple updates also include improvements on few minor faults of the product.

Improved graphic switching, PDF scanning and compatibility issues and interconnectivity with third party digital camera applications are some of the bugs that were fixed by the company. Apple has been continuously providing updates and tech support for the 2016 MacBook Pro.


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