Toyota Concept-i: Expressive Sculptural Qualities And AI 'Yui' Ensures Driver's Needs

Jan 25, 2017 06:48 PM EST | Hem Cervantes

Toyota showcased its Concept-i car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The car uses artificial intelligence (AI) which helps pick up on the habits and emotions of the driver. Toyota intended to showcase their vision of the future of mobility and focuses on the driver's needs.

The AI assistant is named Yui. The Ai helps to build a relationship between the driver and the car by learning its driving patterns and schedules. It also maps the car's location and measuring the driver's emotions. Yui helps in monitoring the driver's responsiveness and helps to navigate difficult road conditions.

Yui uses light and sound to communicate and give information to the driver. It interacts with the 3D animated avatar. It can also spot if the driver is in self-driving or manual mode. It signals a colored lighting in the footwells and projectors in the rear warn about the blind spots.

The "Head Up" display on the windscreen ensures the driver to keep his attention on the road. The Concept-i car communicates with the driver and surroundings by displaying warning messages about the turns and hazards spots.

The AI car utilizes a single widescreen, 3D, and a full-color "Head Up" display that blends into an uncluttered interior. It also welcomes driver by displaying a text on the door panels as the driver approaches the smart car.

The Toyota Concept-i car ensures advanced automated driving technologies for safety and protection.  The car's biometric sensors detect the driver's feeling and analyze the information to recommend or take over in order to safely drive to the designated destination.

"At Toyota, we recognize that the important question isn't whether future vehicles will be equipped with automated or connected technologies, it is the experience of the people who engage with those vehicles," Toyota's senior vice president of automotive operations, Bob Carter said. He added that the company thinks that the future is like a vehicle that people can engage with.


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