Tesla S P100D Electric Sedan Takes Only 2.389 Seconds From Zero To 60 MPH

Jan 24, 2017 08:19 PM EST | jonathan aguilar


 There has been no outstanding record by a Tesla S P100D vehicle in the last few years although some Tesla owners have reportedly driven their vehicles from 0 to 60 mph at impressively low times using the Ludicrous and Insane driving modes.   Recently, one Tesla driver, who is also a drag-racing fan, took the Tesla P100D through the motions and recorded the fastest time in a zero to 60 mph run.

According to Motor Authority, Tesla Racing Channel recorded the time at 2.389 seconds for the 0 - 60 mph run at an eight-mile race course. The recorded time is as fast as a Porsche 918 Spyder or a Bugatti Chiron.

Compared to the McLaren P1 GTR and the Koenigsegg One:1, the Tesla S P100D had ran faster than these known speedsters. The Audi R8 V10 does not even come close to the 2.389 seconds recorded by the Tesla S P100D.

The Tesla S P100D has just become the fastest mass produced car in the market. The other mentioned cars that can run as fast as the Tesla S P100D are high-end cars, supercars and sports cars that were designed not only for elegance but for insurmountable speeds.

Tesla owners can feel very proud that an electric car sedan would have the capability of beating supercars and sports cars in a drag race. However, it is expected that in a longer speed race, the Tesla S P100 D will start to lag behind because sports cars and supercars can run at very high maximum speeds.

With this development, it is definitely confirmed that environmental-oriented electric cars are also fast cars that can perform as good as any car in the market. Tesla continues to work to improve the performance of its car lineup.

Of course, the company would not recommend that Tesla S P100D use the car to blast its way from 6 to 60mph at high speed. The fast acceleration will only drain the battery significantly. It is enough to know that the Tesla S P100D has recorded the fastest time in the zero to 60 mph run.

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