Honda Uni-Cub: The World's First Self-Driving Motorcyle With Omni-Directional Driving Wheel System

Jan 24, 2017 06:40 AM EST | Hem Cervantes

At CES 2017, Honda showcased how the company's technology leveraged at the first self-balancing motorcycle. The Honda Uni-Cub is a kind of motorized unicycle that balances itself and it serves as a mobility device.

The self-balancing personal mobility device is descended from the Honda U3-X of 2009. It is well-designed for self-balancing and barrier-free indoor environments. It has a steered weight shift control similar to Segway PT. It is the world's first omnidirectional/ driving wheel system, Honda Omni Traction Drive System.

It is measuring 510 x 315 x 620 mm and weighing 25 kg. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and owning a 6 km/h top speed and 6 km range. The height of the self-balancing motorcycle is 620 mm. The footrests are designed to double as support stands.

During the Honda's press conference, the company revealed a riderless Honda Uni-Cub rolled out from the backstage and accomplishing self-balancing trick while free of a rider. Honda explained that self-balancing means the convenience of never having to put down a kickstand.

The company's spokesperson, Sage Marie said that the motorcycle could be equipped with self-driving capability and the rider could get off the bike curbside and let its bike finds its own parking space. Marie added that the Honda's own technology set stationary next to a Uni-Cub.

The self-balancing motorcycle has its front wheel twitching back and forth to keep it upright. The company added "notes" that would add too much weight so that the motorcycle stays vertical. There are two struts sticking out from the sides of the motorcycle which are not touching the ground. Meanwhile, those struts would need to be refined for an actual production of the motorcycle.

Many speculated that since BMW showed off its own self-balancing motorcycle concept last year and recently Honda, consumers believed that it would seem an excellent production version may run in the near future. Honda has not yet launched the Uni-Cub, however, the company is still looking into its potential uses and affordability and refining its design.


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