The Humon Hex: Unique Sensor Straps Which Tracks Muscles' Oxygen For Vigorous Exercises

Jan 24, 2017 05:10 AM EST | Hem Cervantes

The Humon Hex is a unique sensor that straps around the upper tight. It has powerful LED lights which shine right into the muscle tissue and tracks oxygen. This device is helpful for finding the perfect race pace.

Running and cycling involve mixing sugar and helps to release oxygen inside the muscle. Muscles contracts when running and cuts out energy. So, the Cambridge Massachusetts startup Humon Hex in helping sugar and oxygen equation in a beautiful ride while doing extreme activities.

The percentage of the oxygen and sugar can be tract via Garmin watch or a smartphone. This device offers a great help to cut down lab blood tests expenses and getting real-time data while exercising.

The Hex's value is perfectly showing in trends and not those of data points. For instance, when the athlete intentionally runs 1,500 meters at a pace of too fast for his fitness level, the legs become heavy and the athlete's lungs will run out of oxygen. The muscle oxygen heads steeply downward "lactate threshold" and the goal to keep running gives way to the desire to crumple into a ball. During this extreme exercise, the device will report a steep decline in oxygen.

The companion app is compatible with iOS and Android. The companion app is showing summary charts of running and points where the athlete can hold a sustainable pace. The athlete can have options and plans shorter repetitions at those higher, unsustainable paces, or even maintaining a slower pace for tempo workouts and intervals.

The sugar and oxygen tracker offers great understanding to athlete how hard exercises are doing deep inside the body in the heat of competition. It recommends better reliability of the heart rate monitors and other low-cost methods. The battery life is offering two full weeks of workouts without charging.

The Humon Hex was provided by a beta unit. The price will be $295 and preorders are $195. It will be launched this summer.


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