Microsoft HoloLens Is A Mind Blowing Augmented Reality

Jan 23, 2017 09:47 PM EST | Carl Anthony Teves

Project Baraboo that is developed and manufactured by Microsoft is a pair of technology smartglasses and mixed reality. Hololens as the first computers running a platform of Holographic under the operation system of Windows 10 has gained popularity around the world.

The exciting stuff is considered as the most incredible pieces of technology ever experienced so far. Experts do think that it could change the world and people's lives as they adopt this in their daily life.

Microsoft uses Kinect for this Hololens to map things that are on the environment. It comes with a packaging that is a top notch and is more similar to Sony's new Xbox One Elite Controller. The hard-shell storage is where users can keep or store the device along with its Charger (wall adapter and micro-USB), optional head strap, long nose-piece, and the kit's user guide.

As for its body quality, it is made up of a two plastic rings, a slimmer and soft inner as a comfortable support that wraps the head that can be adjusted by just sliding the roller forward and backward that is located at the back of the Hololens, and a thicker plastic on the outer layer that holds the guts. This also includes speakers, microphones, and camera.

 The certainty that the company was able to come up with everything from Minecraft (HoloBuilder), 3d model building (HoloStudio), Skype (demo), and JPL Mars Rover/ NASA (OnSite) in this small and wireless device is truly impressive. However, the South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung, who has been a big name in the technology industry seem to be challenging Microsoft in an AR face-off.

According to Samsung's Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong, "the company's hologram technology is really, really realistic" to the point where it looks touchable". In addition, the California-based technology company, Apple is said to have their own section on AR with their partnership with Carl Zeiss, an optical manufacturing company.


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